The Ānanda Venture Research and Launch Program

The Ānanda Venture Research and Launch Program, formerly the University of Chicago's New Entrepreneurs Program, is a rigorous, four-month program with the mission to train new and seasoned entrepreneurs to design, launch, and manage a new business that will succeed on the clarity of the vision, the rigor of the strategy, and the speed of the execution. 

Our founders believe that bold and exciting new ventures can be created in the spirit of "Ānanda," which means bliss in Pali and Sanscrit, where the stress and conflict that often comes along with "startups" is reduced or eliminated and replaced by an entrepreneurial journey that promotes serenity, happiness, and self-actualization, combined with excellence, mastery, health, vitality, energy, empathy, connectivity, and a path towards financial freedom. 

To accomplish this, we teach you frameworks and models for: 

  • Evaluating several entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Developing a clear and viable business concept
  • Researching and designing the enterprise
  • Writing a business plan
  • Launching an effective, sustainable and profitable new venture

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