Give back to the communities you visit by strengthening the economy, promoting local businesses and influencing positive social change.

WVG partners with renowned tour guides to bring you a flawlessly orchestrated tour of the Holy Land. The famed multiple-narrative tour is a fresh, unique way to visit the Israel and Palestine by highlighting diverse cultural, religious, political, and ethnic narratives. By touring with MEJDI, a WVG partner, you are giving back to the communities you visit, strengthening local businesses, families, and individuals. Multi-narrative tours are based on the principle that through socially responsible tourism you can promote positive social change and economic stability.

Experience the splendor, complexity and multi-faceted culture offered by the Holy Land while touring beachfront Tel-Aviv, historic Ramallah, and the significant religious sites in Jerusalem. Trips can be customized to reflect the needs and desires of the group.  

MEJDI also offers world changing trips to Northern Ireland, Cuba, Turkey, and many other destinations!


Start planning your next dream trip with WVG and our partners to the Holy Land. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a large group, MEJDI caters to a wide variety of destinations and itineraries all customized to meet your needs and give you a meaningful experience.

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