World Ventures Group is engaged in many projects to promote entrepreneurship, employment and the economy in conflict regions. Our latest venture, Outsource to Palestine, is our proposed solution to increase employment in the West Bank. Outsource to Palestine provides Palestinian outsourcing institutions with coaching, access to expertise, and valuable introductions to US clients. In a tumultuous climate, we specifically endeavor to introduce Jewish American entrepreneurs to their Palestinian entrepreneurial peers, creating an unusual entrepreneurial support network across the divide and a rare and timely element of friendship and trust. Additionally, the provision of training and education to outsourcing firms via continuous education programs with local universities will further enhance global competitiveness for the region. Ample research demonstrates that US firms outsourcing to Palestine is a mutually beneficial proposal that bypasses current political and economic barriers making our project not only innovative but also feasible. Through outsourcing, we can help create a healthy, self-sustainable economy that is no longer aid-based and, as well, supporting the Palestine economy through outsourcing is a positive and productive way to be supportive of Israel and Palestine together.

How to get involved

Consider outsourcing some of your business operations to Palestine. The talent in Palestine is highly educated and technically skilled, more diversified, and more proficient in English than the traditional outsourcing hubs. All of our outsourcing partners are vetting by the State Department and provide a variety of services including call centers, information technology, software development, data entry, research, and web design. Our team of US-based executives can assist you with all aspects of due diligence and vendor selection. As a US philanthropy we have no profit motives, we can provide candor and guidance about whether outsourcing to Palestine is a good idea and, if so, we can recommend that best and most suitable partners. By engaging with this initiative, you are engaging in a courageous, socially responsible and positive role in bringing employment, reconciliation, and stability to this region.

For inquiries about Outsource to Palestine, please email Russ at