Our Advisors

Comprised of like-minded individuals who believe in and are willing to invest their time, money and/or expertise in our mission, our advisors utilize their networks, entrepreneurial skills and techniques to reduce conflict in numerous ways. Whether introducing interfaith entrepreneurial peers or facilitating a multi-narrative trip abroad, our advisors spread awareness and promote positive social change in areas affected by conflict.

Nabeel Abboud Shakour | Violinist and Director, Polyphony, Nazareth

Eyal Amir, Ph.D. | Professor, University of Illinois

Dan Breznitz, Ph.D. | Professor, Georgia Tech

Kelly Cutler | CEO, Kona Company and former President, EO Chicago

Jon Domsky | CEO, Kidorable

Tim Flood | CEO, Smart Staffing

Todd Gabel | CEO, Toddy Gear

Chris Gallagher | CEO, Green Office Partners

Dan Heuertz | CEO, F & B Partners and former President, EO Chicago

Forsan Hussein | Co-Founder and Managing Partner Zaitoun Ventures

Megan Kashner | CEO, Benevolent

Chris Krause | CEO, NCSA Sports and former President, EO Chicago

Ned Lazarus | Visiting Assistant Professor of International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Ofer Levy, Ph.D. | Professor, Harvard University

Richard Levy | CEO, Beam Board, Inc. and former President, EO Chicago

Rob Lindemann | Lindemann Chimney Corporation and former President, EO Chicago

Mike Maddock | CEO, Maddock Douglas

Rafiq Masri | CEO, Network Management Inc.

Tim Padgett | CEO, Pepper Group

Timothy Payne | Attorney, Sidley Austin LLP

Rami Qutub | Director, Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals

Elie Rekhess, Ph.D. | Professor, Northwestern University

Judd Rosenberg | President, Food Evolution

Marc Roth | Former CEO, Home Warranty Corporation of America

Ehsaneh Sadr, Ph.D.

Todd Smart | CEO, BeTuitive

Howard J. Sumka, Ph.D. | Rank of Minister Counselor (ret.), USAID Senior Foreign Service

Guy Ziv, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor, School of International Service, American University