In the US, World Ventures Group specializes in helping professionals to become first-time entrepreneurs by researching and launching new ventures.  By enrolling in our four month program, the Ananda Venture Research and Launch Program, formerly the University of Chicago’s New Entrepreneurs' Program, participants will research a new venture, write a business plan, and launch the business under the 1:1 guidance of one of our skilled coaches.  All proceeds from the program are received as charitable contributions to World Ventures Group and will be used to support entrepreneurship in places of conflict.

Internationally, World Ventures Group focuses on helping entrepreneurs in places of conflict through coaching, mentorship, accountability and access to potential customers.  The Ananda Venture Research and Launch Program is offered to first-time entrepreneurs (scholarships available).  For entrepreneurs who are already up and running, we specialize in accelerating the customer acquisition/marketing function; this Customer Acquisition program helps companies to build large databases of prospective customers, craft compelling messaging, contact prospective clients, and “close deals” in an accelerated, privately-coached setting.  Typically, the costs of these programs are underwritten by fellow entrepreneurs from the opposite side of the conflict, creating bridges and friendships between entrepreneurs across conflicts.  Currently we are focusing our entrepreneurial coaching efforts on underprivileged areas in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories.

How to get Involved

Coaches and mentors are wanted! If you have a background in small business, start ups, marketing or information technology and are willing to contribute your time and knowledge, please email Russ, to find out how you can participate.