Marketing efforts go to waste unless they reach the right ears. Does your company currently have a reliable process for effectively generating "warm leads" from prospective new customers on a weekly basis?

If not, consider World Ventures Group's Customer Acquisition Service, in which we 1) build you lists of names/e-mails/phone numbers of thousands of prospective new customers, 2) craft highly compelling e-mail intro messages to introduce your firm to these prospective customers, 3) manage all aspects of a multifaceted e-mail marketing campaign, 4) provide telephone follow-up calls to the prospective customers who opened/read the e-mails and 5) "hand off" warm leads to your sales team for cultivating and closing. 

Since the research tasks and phone calls are conducted by professionals in places of conflict around the world, we are able to price this service remarkably low, typically in the $500-$2500/month range. In this way, you are able to bring employment and stability to areas of conflict and strife, by the simple act of growing your new customer base dramatically. (Hence our motto: "healing conflicts through commerce.") The engagement is managed and led entirely by a US team of executive volunteers who have already grown and sold their companies via this exact technique.

If this service sounds of interest, please contact to arrange a brief phone call. Or, if you'd prefer, we would be happy to send you our 1-page brochure which describes the service in more depth.