Music and the arts can play an important and transformative role in conflict resolution. Not only do the arts act as an expression of profound emotions, but often these unique expressions can expose commonalities between parties with drastically opposing discourses. Various research shows that music and different artistic forums can give communities the tools they need to speak their truth in a way that creates shared meaning and impactful human relationships.

Pursuit of Harmony
Experience celebrated Jewish-American songwriter Michael Hunter Ochs as he retraces his steps through the security checkpoints between Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan, and is joined by Palestinian musician, Alaa Alshham. The improbable tale of friendship and their personal stories and photography will sweep you away during an intimate evening of music and conversation as they seek to shed light on the depth of their common ground.

Heartbeat brings together Israeli and Palestinian youth to create common ground, provide nonviolent tools for social change and make music. "Heartbeat stands against oppression and violence of absolutely any kind. As a community and educational institution committed to being an equal and welcoming space for all people, Heartbeat firmly stands by the 30 Articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights."

Voices of Peace Choir
Voices of Peace is a unique youth choir from the Arab Jewish Community Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The choir is comprised of Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth who serve as a model for successful peacebuilding techniques among different cultures. The choir uses music to convey a message of peace and cooperation as members get to know the "other", ultimately leading to a more promising future. "The choir's repertoire includes a variety of songs from unique musical styles, combining traditions and languages and creating fascinating, exciting performances, which have led to praise and positive feedback from audiences in Israel and abroad."

How to get involved

Bring The Pursuit of Harmony, Heartbeat or Voices of Peace to your congregation for an evening of inspiration and awareness. All of the programs are easily adaptable to fit your unique needs: as part of a Shabbat service, an interfaith event, a stand alone concert or a blend of all three.

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