Hope in Sight, Vision for Holy Land Children, a WVG partner, is an initiative founded by a non-political, inter-faith, experienced professional eye care community (optometrists, ophthalmologist, opticians, eyewear/optical suppliers, labs, local teaching universities, NGOs) from the US. By partnering with local vision professionals in the Holy Land, our mission is to to provide free eye care and new prescription glasses to communities in need in the Holy Land, particularly to improve the sight of the children to help them achieve their full human potential.


How to get involved

Hope In Sight, Vision for Holy Land Children, will be visiting the Holy Land for our second vision mission trip in the Fall 2017. The group of dedicated volunteers will be providing 1.) eye exams and new prescription glasses for communities in need and 2.) training and educational seminars to local eye care professionals and students. 

Join our medical volunteer team if you are an optometrist, ophthalmologist or optician. We are also collecting donations of money and low vision equipment to ensure our programs have the resources needed. To learn more about our pioneer trip, please contact our project leader, Sam at sam@hopeinsight.org.

To make direct donations please click here.